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Winter trend 2017- 2018

Whatever the weather is women always want to look stylish trendy and gorgeous. Whether the trend is about clothes, shoes,  jewelry. Trends always comes with the season, however women can wear any type of clothes whether it is too hot or too cold outside, it cannot effect on women’s fashion. Whether you are young or aged; living alone, with your partner, with your children or in a non medical home health care, Trend is a popular style or fashion, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup. Here is a look to winter trend 2017-2018.


Trend of clothes

The trend of clothing mostly comes from four major county Paris, New York, Milan and London. which might be all headquarters to the greatest style agencies and are renowned their major effect on international fashion.mostly women idealize the movie stars or models for their fashion, style and trend.Trends are in reality heading for increasingly more comfort, style is maintaining its sense of fun, its color and glamour, constantly with an sense of determination and self-assureness.

Trend of colors

According to Pantone, winter trend 2017-2018 color palette is a team spirit of energy, confidence and complexity led through the Blue , pink and yellow family and observed by earth tones and perfect pops of colorful shades, all of them working nicely to struggle towards the modern-day violent life and to bring about peace and optimism around.

Trend of footwear

In New York, the shoe trend is steel-tipped cowboy boots are very famous among the female youngster. In London a touch of sparkle, brighten shoes along with the crystal-spotted crocodile leather sandals and ghillies are very very trendy. Milan provided the largest shoe companies Prada’s feathered fancies and Gucci’s red satin Mary-Janes, which came crystal-coated, covered
and embroidered, were the stuff of shoes dreams. In France heart-printed pumps at Dior to Saint Laurent’s mega crystal humped boots, are in fashion to fit each angled.

Trends of jewelry

The fall/winter trend 2017-2018 jewelry trends that we’re already wearing including pins and needles at the earliest opportunity are a real example of the last decades.Among encircling regular items into actual valuable party female earrings, ofa plenty of magical and charming, trends visible at the runways for fall/wintry weather 2017-2018. The trend of jewelry always remains
same throughout the year. Single key earrings and chunky pendants withmodren,coated
and crystals, looks awesomeand made the women look like a fairy.


Trend of makeup

Explore and turning every make up look into a work of art! the focus is always at the eyes, and the very main products to apply are eyes shadows with eye liners pop, of direction. The color which is in more trend now a days is blue. The blue lipstick the blue eye shadows and the blue eye liner give a modern and significant look and no one can live without prasing.

Trend of hairs

There are two things that you should have to take into notice while making your hair style is the color and the way you are going to styling it. From the most flattering hair colors to the most popular cuts and styles, you can change yourself all over. Multicolor hairs are also in most
trendy in today’s fashion. Braids and pigtails in all variants give a simple and amazing look to the eyes.